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A Cast of Characters

The latest episode of Pat’s Place, one of the two stories from Dykes on Disc. look forward to reading your feedback.  Namaste


All the Dykes are here…Well, almost…

It all started here on… YouTube you can see it all. listen to the story. the pics are just there for those who need it…enjoy!

Facebook place

Hello world!

my fourth post. wow! exciting. i am here to promote my writings: Dykes on Disc. i have audio recordings, movies and ebooks. well, an e chapter at this point. it is after all, a beginning. I welcome you all.

i’m sure you’ll find it somewhat interesting and you’re helping medical marijuana in the state of Florida too.

this is a good place to start and get an idea of what i’m all about. it is easier to show than tell. i do believe that actions speak louder than words, although i do promote Reading Aloud.