Lesbian Medical Marijuana Advocates

Suppose there is a God, a Supreme Being.  It’s possible that It’s purpose for Us is to take care of the Earth and each other. not go to moon, not dirty the whole place up on our way to riches.  Earthly riches at that.  i thought our goal was supposed to be enlightenment..to become christlike, buddhalike, mohhamedlike…  on way to making earth Eden..

I’m just a human trying to make it on this planet. If humans would treat all as if it were sacred, scarce and holy. after all, if God is in all and through all, God is all. So we are all sacred.

Stop killing your brothers and sisters just ’cause some other human says so. you are not your brother’s slave. Are you?

Enough of that, just something to think about when you’re thinking.

Here is a book i thought you may like.  haven’t read all of it…would rate a “B” i think..what do you think?

Watching Missy Masturbate

..and p.s. my books are here too, About me and Dykes on Disc


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