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Chp 18 – Mail Call – YouTube

Chp 18 – Mail Call – YouTube.


Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do

More than 350,000 people are in jail right now because of something they did, something that did not physically harm the person or property of another.

Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education.


The Cure

YouTube – Share or embed this video. The Cure for many diseases…and better than any drugs by big Pharma.

The Trip continues…

Ella and Gabby travel Route 66 on their way back to Florida.

Local Newsletter from Orlando, Fl.

For lesbians far and near…a few words from your sisters down south…LCN Again!

The Big Rock

Chapter 16 of Ella…sight seeing in San Luis Obispo. Dykes on Disc – Ella chp 16

New for the Lesbians of Orlando

2012 bookcoverThis is the December Book-cover art. Much  thanks to artist extraordinaire, Jai Mohler. This book will have chapters 13-24.  You can watch the three minute movies which companions the book at  : http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=jacqueg1

Hope you enjoy the movies and the books as much as i have enjoyed writing them.  They are  simple stories of lesbians who live in Fla and are learning about medical marijuana and each other.