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Audio Promo

for Dykes on Disc-Ella and Pat’s place. See what you think…more on it’s way.  You’ll be able to download to Nooks, e-readers, i-pads…and more.  Take it with you and listen while you drive or ride the public transport.  Be transported for a few minutes to another place.  Here you’ll meet new friends and interesting characters.  You’ll see how some are working to get medical marijuana in Florida.  Since lesbians are in the story…and lesbians are people; there is also kissing and hugging and touching; in all the nicest places. ;0}



Something happened….

I met a woman named Norah Jones on lezzbook.com she gave me this pretty kitty.

joint rolling kitty  i am grateful that she thought my book was cute.  that’s what i was going for.

It’s Done – Onward and Upward

It’s been a long road. Writing with a self imposed deadline of two stories a month, for six months thus far.  This is the result.  I hope to entertain lesbians all over the world. So yes i think a lot of these little vignettes. I hope you enjoy them too.  Namaste

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Sound Reading

this is where i am attempting to publish Dykes on Disc. Podiobooks.com there are lots of very good free books too. let’s see if this works..want to make a pretty pic for you. haven’t figured the whole badge thing yet…

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